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Bank CD’s
1.355% mat. 10-26-16

Government Bond
1.747% Aaa/AA+ mat. 9-10-21

Corporate Bond
4.177% Baa2/BB+ mat. 3-15-16

High Yield Bond
13.821% -/- mat. 12-01-14

New Issue Bonds

Foreign/World Bonds:

Australia Bonds
3.240% Aaa/N.A. mat. 2014

Brazil Bonds
6.712% Aaa/AAA mat. 2016

New Zealand Bonds
2.660% Aaa/AAA mat. 2015

Municipal Bonds:

CA Muni Bond
6.276% -/B mat. 8-1-14

FL Muni Bond
3.981% Ba1/- mat. 7-01-13

OR Muni Bond
2.306% -/- mat. 8-01-17

WA Muni Bond
2.666% Baa3/- mat. 12-01-18


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