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Corporate Bond Review: Goldman Sachs 5.621% Yield, 2017 Maturity

Taxable corporate income with top rated investment firm under government review for fraud!

We selected Goldman Sachs as the best Corporate Income Bond we could identify for May 2010.

We have developed a process for our clients to review, select, purchase and monitor Corporate Bonds. Enclosed is our review along with support as to why we believe it makes sense with our corporate bond clients’ portfolios. We review over 1,600 separate Corporate Bond for sale listings to find what, we believe, currently has the best yield, maturity and credit quality for investors. The following includes our selection criteria.

Step 1. Yield curve
Step 2. Description
Step 3. Yield premium

Yield Curve at 4-7 Years Out

We went out on the yield curve just enough to receive higher returns in yield but not far enough that if inflation starts to increase, a small but also real probability due to our country’s largest deficit spending, it could lead to a loss of principle. To protect our client in this worst case scenario, we would just plan to hold to maturity.


The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a global leader in investment banking and securities who engages in investment banking, buying and selling securities, asset management and many other financial services focusing on institutional clientele. Goldman Sachs‘ headquarters is located at 200 West Street, New York, and was founded in 1869. Former employees include Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson who both served as the United States Secretary of the Treasury after resigning from Goldman Sachs, thus the nickname “Government Sachs”.

Yield Premium

The corresponding 7-year treasury currently has a 3.01% yield. This provides a comparable 5.678%, or a pick-up of 2.668%, which is an 88% higher yield.


Coupon 5.625

Ratings A2/A-

Cusip 38141GEU4

Yield % 5.621

Price $ 1000

Maturity 01/15/2017

Callable NO

General Information
TRACE Eligibility YES
Listed NO
Exchange OTC
Investment Quantity
Investment Qty
Marginable YES
Original Size 2,250,000,000
Day Count Basis 30/360
Issue Information
Convertible NO
Payment Delay 0 DAY DELAY
Issue Date 01/03/2007
Dated Date 01/10/2007
First Coupon Date 07/15/2007
Last Coupon Date 07/15/2016
Workout Date 01/15/2017
First Settlement Date 01/10/2007
Federally Taxable YES
Bonds In Default NO
Issuer Events? YES


A good 2.668% higher yield for a 7-year bond, even with good ratings and with the attributes listed above, I believe, is well situated for income investors. We provide a wide list of Corporate Bonds currently for sale to help compare values.

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Disclosure: Durig Capital has no ownership in GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC.

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